Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tom Orr's "Venus" Memories

Tom Orr has become a 42nd Street Moon regular in the last two-and-a-half years. He debuted with us in Mack & Mabel, and has appeared in several shows since then. He has contributed his talents to the Gala and behind the scenes as well. Tom just sent me this lovely little remembrance of his experience in One Touch of Venus.

My favorite memories from "One Touch of Venus," as usual when I do a Moon show, all involve watching from the wings. In the typically short rehearsal process, we're often dismissed early if we're not in a given scene and so we don't get to see the process as our fellow castmates work on a dance sequence or finesse a dramatic moment in rehearsal.

Then we get to the Eureka and put the show together
with all the light cues and costumes just in time for
the audiences to come enjoy what we've created. So the
only chance we ever get to see the show is when we're
in the wings waiting for an entrance or during a
costume change. I always make an effort to catch my
colleagues strutting their stuff: e.g. Amy Louise Cole
nailing a zinger with her impeccable timing; or Nina
Josephs standing centerstage and smoldering at the end
of a solo; etc.

In "Venus," my favorite number was in the bus station
scene. I had a couple of quick bits as Taxi Black
before and after "Way Out West In Jersey." Every night
I'd stand offstage left and happily watch Juliet,
Anil, Elise and Jarrod bust out Tom Segal's amazing
jitterbug choreography while Chris Macomber hooted and
hollered as Mrs. Kramer. The dance came out of
nowhere, had nothing to do with the plot, and brought
down the house every time, kicking the energy level up
with the actors and audience. It's that electricity
that makes me love musical theater.

-- Tom Orr, "Taxi Black"

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Opening Night for a "Lady"

Office Manager Annette Lai has provided some pictures from the Opening Night reception for Oh, Lady! Lady!! on Nov. 24th. This is most of the company outside the Eureka Theatre.

And here is dynamic director Kalon Thibodeaux with dashingly dapper choreographer Tom Segal

Leading Man Michael Cassidy with some "old-timers."

Costumer Louise Jarmilowicz with Kalon

Annette Lai with "Mr. B. Russel Sprout," Tyler Kent