Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank Heaven: A Memoir by Leslie Caron

Leslie Caron is one of the few leading ladies of the MGM musical heyday that has remained active into the 21st Century.  In 2000, she starred in the memorable Chocolate with Johnny Depp and Juliet Binoche, and then in 2003 Le Divorce with Kate Hudson.  However, I think she will be best remembered by us Moonies for her involvement in "I Remember It Well: The Songs of Alan Jay Lerner."  This beautiful tribute to Lerner was held in the Herbst Theater on June 30, 2003 as 42nd Street Moon's Gala.

I was looking in the paper today and saw that Caron has a new memoir, Thank Heaven.  While I haven't read it yet, it has officially gone on my reading list.  If you want to learn more about the life and work of Leslie Caron you can purchase Thank Heaven at  It would also make a great holiday gift.

Speaking of great gift ideas!

42nd Street Moon has some wonderful stocking stuffers available for anyone that loves musical theatre. 

If you'd like to give the gift of music, consider our recordings:

For the Jerome Kern fan, we have The First Rose of Summer, a collection of Kern's lost gems.  Included are many songs that were recorded for the first time for this CD!

Of course, if Cole Porter is more your style, how about the first full cast recording of Something For the Boys.  This 42nd Street Moon revival cast of the 1943 hit Porter show includes Cabaret sensation Meg Mackay and Moon favorite Leslie Hamilton.

Get these CD's for $15 each or BOTH for only $25 (call to arrange pick-up for pre-christmas sales, or add $4 for shipping and handling).  Just click here.


There are always tickets for our next salon evening, Nice Work If You Can Get It, starring living legend Donna McKechnie.  If you really want to impress you're special someone, get them tickets to what will be the hottest show in town.

Friday, December 4, 2009

And Now a Word from Our Sponsor: 42nd Street Moon Goes to the Commercials?

Some of you get to the Eureka and you come out during intermission saying... "I know I've seen him before."  "She reminds me of someone, but I don't quite know why."  Well...

Hidden in your subconscious might be memories.  Memories of seeing some of these commercials...

Who's that Gal in the Diner with Paul Reiser...?

I think it's the same actress who's controlling this absurd air traffic....

Recognize her yet?  It's Queen Butch herself, Megan Cavanagh.  But do you think she's the ONLY Moonie to have a commercial? 

That client is very reminiscent of Prince Rudolph wouldn't you say?  Ben Pither you know how to sell a pen!

"What the.." is right.  This was one of Nintendo's most acclaimed commercials, and if you listen closely, you can here just a faint bit of Eva Standing in that cute cuddly little bear.  Dyan McBride provided the voice over for that spot.

Come  see Megan, Ben, and Dyan at the Eureka Theatre in 42nd Street Moon's Production of Cole Porter's Jubilee playing now through December 13.  For tickets click here or call (415) 255-8207