Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Funny Valentine

I’m sure we’ve all had a date we will always remember; hopefully for the right reasons.

One of my favorite moments at this job was at the 2009 Gala when I asked different people to tell me their favorite “Moon” memory. I was expecting stories about shows, perhaps an onstage goof or two? Even though the Gala was back in June, when Board Member Joanna Leighton-Nevesny gave me her response, I knew I’d be writing about it this week.


March 30, 1997. It was a lovely day that day. Yes, a typical balmy San Francisco spring day, a little overcast... a little chilly… but lovely nonetheless.

Joanna Leighton (as she was known then) had met a charming gentleman, Neil, a week prior. Having discovered a mutual affection for a bygone jazz era, Neil called her up and asked if she had any interest in “going to see 42nd Street Moon.”

“As it happens, I do!” she replied. Joanna had been attending 42nd Street Moon programs since the company’s early days at New Conservatory, but the current offering, Irving Berlin’s Face the Music had just opened.

So they were off to enjoy a pre-show beverage; she may have even suggested to her date, “Let’s have another cup of coffee?” (Come on, you know I have to use SOME sort of pun from the show… it’s what I do!)

 (Joanna and Neil on the Cover of Vintage Magazine)

After the java, off they went to the New Conservatory Theater. Joanna remembers it as being an excellent production, but she was concentrating on her date. After all, this was the first date with the man who, 14 months later, would become her husband. But their off-beat wedding in Scotland… well, that’s another story.

Maybe we should start a Singles’ Night at 42nd Street Moon. What do you think? Joanna found love amongst the Moon, perhaps you will, too!

Happy Valentine’s Day!