Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kern Granddaughter Sues Guide Dogs for the Blind

Matthew Guerrieri is a "composer, pianist, and conductor" who writes an extraordinarily entertaining blog about mostly classical music in Boston, besides writing professional reviews for the local "Boston Globe." A couple of days ago, he wrote about the insane legal wranglings being brought by a few of the legal heirs to Jerome Kern, composer of the currently running 42nd Street Moon show, "Oh, Lady! Lady!!" Click here to check it out. Guerrieri's final thought is worth repeating:
"I will remind everyone that Jerome Kern died in 1945; the fact that people are still hiring attorneys to tangle over his royalties 60-plus years later tells you something about the strange state of our current intellectual property regime. And some of those royalties are apparently earmarked as charitable bequests, as Cummings [one of Kern's granddaughters] is also suing the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind."

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