Friday, September 25, 2009

The Host with the Most - Consul General of Luxembourg Throws His Own Party


Like the Hokey-Pokey "that's what it's all about."

(Photo: Charlie Levy)

(Photo Giana DeGeiso)

Call Me Madam is no exception. There is the relationship between the dashing young press attaché (Charlie Levy) and pretty princess (Giana DeGeiso); a handsome Prime Minister (Rob Hatzenbeller) and a brassy confident Ambassador (Klea Blackhurst).

 (Photo: Rob Hatzenbeller)

(Photo: Klea Blackhurst)

But these aren't the only relationships in the show. There is also the relationship between the people and their government officials; a nation and their traditions; and of course the relationship between "two mythical countries. One is called Lichtenburg, the other the United States of America."

If you know the show, or have been following the blog for the past month, you know that Call Me Madam is based somewhat on the very real relationship between the European Country of Luxembourg and the United States of America. What you may not know is that Call Me Madam is still strengthening the relationship between our two countries!

(Taken during Klea Blackhurst's trip to Luxembourg to star in a concert version of Call Me Madam produced by the Hon. Georges Faber, former U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg Ann Wagner and Klea Blackhurst hold a picture of the first U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg Perle Mesta.)

Tonight the Honorable Georges Faber, Consul General of Luxembourg, is hosting a reception after our final preview performance. In keeping with the show's themes, it will feature wine and cheese. The Consul General has also generously donated a number of photographs of Perle Mesta, which will be on display at the Eureka for the duration of Call Me Madam's run.

(The Hon. Georges Faber, Consul General of Luxembourg and his wife, Barbara Faber-Mohr)

Moonies, audience members, and friends of the Consul General will be mingling, discussing the show, and enjoying wine from Luxembourg's wine growing region along the Moselle river. The region produces some lovely whites and a sparkling Crémant.  The wines featured tonight will be a creamy-textured medium bodied Pinot Blanc (2007) with hints of apricot, apple, and pear; and a Crémant made from mostly Chardonnay and Reisling grapes, giving this well structured bubbly good acidity and a crisp, fruity finish.

The cheese selection is a traditional cheese from Luxembourg, Kachkeis. It is a cooked cheese best spread on country bread with Luxembourg mustard.  The spouse of the Consul General, Mrs. Barbara Faber-Mohr prepared both the cheese and a special pistachio hors d'oeuvres.

For those of you who have tickets to tonight's performance, you are encouraged to join in the festivities and help cement the friendship that Perle Mesta began some 59 years ago. Then come back to the blog and leave a comment about the party!

If you don't have your tickets for tonight, I'm afraid we are sold out. But don't forget, 42nd Street Moon also hosts a champagne and hors d'oeuvres reception after Opening Night (tomorrow), and there are still some good seats available. For tickets call (415) 255 8207 or click here.

Cheese, hors d'oeuvres, and wine for "Luxembourg Night" generously provided by the Hon. Georges Faber and Mrs. Barbara Faber-Mohr.

Hors d'oeuvres for Opening Night are generously provide by L'Olivier Restaurant.


Jeffrey Rodman said...

Call Me Madam is one of the best, tightest, liveliest, wittiest, most enjoyable 42ndstmoon productions I've seen in long time, and that's putting it against some very stiff competition! After seeing it this afternoon (Sunday), I plan to casually weave it into conversations through the coming week ("too bad sales are down...hey, do we have a distributor in Luxembourg?")

Am wondering whether the addition of a wind player to the orchestra (we'll call it that, knowing that it's usually the orchestral Dave filling the role by himself) is a trend, or was it done to fill out the sound for this show and to get the exciting bonus, an ocarina? Will we be seeing (hearing) strings in future productions? Cello, violin, trombone, percussion? Or will the purity of solo piano remain the main direction?

Greg MacKellan said...

Jeff, we've used a reed player many times in the past (Irma La Douce, High Spirits, Out of This World, among others), and in fact in some shows have used violin and reeds (The Cabaret Girl and a couple of others). We tried trumpet and reeds for Can-Can but the sound was too big to use without miking the cast. Nick DiScala, our splendid reed player, will reappear next for Jubilee

kastz said...

like the blog hows it going?