Monday, May 3, 2010

Do You Hear that Singing?

Before a rehearsal the other day, I was talking to Bill Fahrner and found out some interesting things about our upcoming production of Very Warm for May.

Often times at
42nd Street Moon we work with very limited "source" material.  A script and piano/vocal score are our creative team's usual tools. Rarely do the shows we produce include dance notations (unlike shows that were chorographed by Jerome Robbins, which almost always come complete with choreography), orchestrations, or even vocal arrangements.

Many times, like in Lady, Be Good!, those gorgeous vocal orchestrations come from our very own Musical Directors.  Notably, Dave Dobrusky has created some absolutely gorgeous vocal arrangments for our productions. Think about what you heard during "Little Jazz Bird;" they didn't hear that on Broadway!

However, Bill let me on to a bit of trivia!  Very Warm for May came complete with a number of original arrangments from 1939.  Those of you coming to the Eureka in the next three weeks will be in for a treat: The original (and unique) vocal arrangement for one of
Jerome Kern's greatest hits, "All the Things You Are," and a number of Kern songs that have never been recorded!

Come to Very Warm for May at the Eureka Theater, May 5-23. For tickets call (415) 255-8207 or
click here.

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Emil Ems said...

I attended yesterday's performance of this Jerome Kern's last musical. I was delighted. When the song "All the things you are" appeared for the first time in Act 1, it brought tears to my eyes. Little did I know that this was the original score I heard. Thumbs up for the ensemble!

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