Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moon Spotlight

( Moon Actress Giana DeGeiso)

I know the summer is a difficult time for us Moonies. While there are still many things going on here at the office, our beloved fans have limited opportunities to interact with the Moon family.

Never fear! I wanted to let all of you know about a few Moon-actor sightings.

Putting It Together

For those of you who saw Ben Franklin in Paris and High Spirits last season, you might have noticed an adorable blonde playing Yvonne in Ben and a Beatnik in Spirits. Giana DeGeiso lent her beautiful mezzo-soprano to Moon with her roles last season and if you’d like a chance to catch her again, she is currently starring in the Stephen Sondheim revue Putting it Together at the Custom Made Theater.

I had a chance to see this production last week and I can tell you, it’s very cute. Anthony Luke was the strongest of the males with an amazing performance as the Observer. Luke’s use of manic energy rivals Mandy Patinkin to great effect, further his voice fills out the theatre in a way that would make Ethel Merman proud!

It was the ladies, however, that commanded my attention. Amy Dondy’s seasoned Leading Lady role was dripping with irony and a scathing heartache that was perfect for a range of Sondheim’s most notable 11 o’clock numbers (“Could I Leave You,” “Getting Married Today,” “Ladies Who Lunch”).

Giana’s turn as the
IngĂ©nue was hilarious. This girl has some chops and when she belted out “The Miller’s Son” the audience paid attention! She also spun her silvery tones through “Sooner or Later” and “Lovely” so seductively, it was hard to imagine any straight man getting away from her (she may have even ensnared a few gay ones too).

If you are like me, once you’ve seen what Giana can do on stage, you’ll be hooked. And like me, you’ll want to see her turn as Princess Maria in Moon’s production of Call Me Madam with
Klea Blackhurst (Sept. 23 – Oct. 18th). Single tickets will go on sale August 15th.

Connie Champagne Sings Songs to Make You Gay

I also saw Connie Champagne’s Songs to Make You Gay at the New Conservatory Theatre this weekend.

The show is about as eclectic as you can get, with songs taken from pop, musical theatre, country and even novelty. While a number of these songs may not be our normal 42
ND Street Moon fare—they include music by Madonna, David Bowie, and Cyndi Lauper—there are a number of Moon gems, including Noel Coward's "Mad About the Boy," Cole Porter's "Primitive Man,” and favorites by Bernstein, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Warren and Dublin, and many others.

Connie is charming, with a quick wit, and an obvious fervor for entertaining. She engages the audience throughout the evening, especially during the
highlight of the show, an impassioned "If I Loved You" from Carousel.

“If I Loved You”
connected the audience, performer, and song in the best traditions of theatre. She will make a superb Frenchy in 42ND Street Moon’s Destry Rides Again, coming to the Eureka this fall.

Help Is On The Way

Moon’s favorite redhead Maureen McVerry will be one of the many headliners at the 15th Annual Help Is On The Way AIDS Benefit at the Herbst Theatre this Sunday, Aug. 2nd. Tom Orr, Juliet Heller, Lisa Hensley, Carly Ozard, and Dave Dobrusky will also be lending their voices in the opening number, “There’s No Business Like Show Business.”

There you go Moonies, plenty of Moon-sightings to help you through this summer!

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