Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lady, Be Good! In Context

With the exception of a few very notable shows, most of the names of the Gershwins’ musicals have become forgotten to the vast majority of Americans, but the songs that came from these shows are as ingrained in our collective knowledge as the advertising slogans “Just Do It” or “Reach Out and Touch Someone.” Take our current offering, Lady, Be Good! I have to admit, I wasn’t familiar with the title before we started to produce it… but “Fascinating Rhythm”?  Well, I have 13 versions of it on my i-Pod. 

This is what I love more about Moon than anything else.  I don’t just have the opportunity to listen to “Fascinating Rhythm”, but I get the chance to understand WHY it was written.  This was made ever so clear during our run of Call Me Madam.  Watching Klea Blackhurst and Charlie Levy complete the entire scene that included “You're Just In Love” brought a meaning to that song I never had before: the original intention.

With each new production here at Moon, I look forward to understanding the original emotions and motivations behind some of my favorite songs.  That is not to say that I won’t still enjoy my Ella Fitzgerald Songbook, on the contrary, I’ll enjoy them even more.

Are you sure you really understand “Fascinating Rhythm”?  If not, come see 42nd Street Moon’s Lady, Be Good! at the Eureka Theater.  Previews start March 31, for tickets call (415) 255-8207 or click here to buy online and avoid a box office fee. 

– Update March 31st is SOLD OUT.  There are a few seats remaing April 1 - 4, but best seating is available April 7-17.

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