Sunday, March 28, 2010

WILDCAT was nominated for 6 Bay Area Critics’ Circle Awards!


Wildcat was nominated for 6 Bay Area Critics’ Circle Awards! 

Artistic Director, Greg MacKellan stated, “As always, we're happy to be honored with nominations from the Bay Area Critics' Circle.  Wildcat was a terrific show, and we're thrilled that the cast and director Kalon Thibodeaux and choreographer Tom Segal have been selected for this recognition.”

I asked those nominated for their reactions:
It's really wonderful to be nominated - particularly for such a challenging role. And I'm very thankful to everyone at 42nd Street Moon for entrusting me with it. I think I'm most excited for the Awards Ceremony - it's a great chance to see friends and meet many of the people whose work I've admired over the years.”

Rob Hatzenbeller (This is Rob’s second nomination, having previously won for supporting male in a musical for Wonderful Town): “

 Richard Pardini (This is Richard’s second nomination, first for best supporting actor. Richard was part of the 1994 winning production of Closer Than Ever): “The nomination is exciting and a total surprise.  I found out when a friend texted to congratulate me and I was like, ‘Huh??’" 

Maureen McVerry (This is Maureen’s tenth (or so) nomination, She has won 5 times previously, including a win for Moon’s production of Pardon My English): “… just being nominated is fun.  Really - this time I was nominated due to my co-stars - the hot Rob and the fantastic Richard - they made me look gooooooooood.”

Unfortunately Kalon Thibodeaux (nominated Best Director) and Tom Segal (nominated Best Choreographer) were not able to get back to me before the printing of this blog.

I’m so proud of everyone involved with Wildcat and can’t wait to find out who wins!  We’ll find out on May 3, 2010 when the San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics’ Circle presents their 34th Annual Awards Ceremony.

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